American soldiers gravel road riding in Afghanistan with our Multicam® Sassquatch™ cycling attire.  After long challenging work days in the field, gravel road cycling is a refreshing physical and psychological recharge for these soldiers, and they ride with sidearms mounted to the cyclocross bikes. The rugged high altitude climate in Afghanistan is a perfect research and development location for our clothing. We are proud to support American active duty and veterans.--------------------

The Multicam® Sassquatch™ collection is made-to-measure in Los Angeles from genuine USA military textiles, milled in the USA. Visit our measuring guide for more information. Athletes with prosthetic limbs, please include additional fit specifications with your measurements.


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We came up with the Rumble Strip jersey for Chris in 2013. The concept is based on the rumble strips used on Formula 1 racing circuits.

Young eye cancer survivor and hard man cyclist Christian Alburez trains and races with monocular vision. Chris can be found on group rides across Los Angeles taking long pulls at the front. In races, he is frequently towing the field and driving breakaways. 


We came up with the Rumble Strip jersey for Chris in 2013. The concept is based on the rumble strips used on Formula 1 racing circuits. The modified Scout Jersey functions as a safety reminder to other riders in the peloton to watch their front wheel when in the 'danger zone'. As most cyclists know, the common cause of crashes is front wheel clipping by another rider's rear wheel. The rumble strip is placed where Chris's monocular peripheral vision differs from that of ordinary binocular vision. The pattern gives a visual alert to anyone who may be in his draft droning, bonking, half-wheeling or just not paying attention.


Congratulations to Christian Alburez for winning a recent California climbing road race while sporting his unique handcrafted BRANDT-SORENSON™ Rumble Strip Jersey!


In a world event amongst riders using GPS (Global Positioning Sensor) devices to document their rides, cyclists Jon Budinoff and Seth Britton showed their dominance. The online event challenged athletes to log as many kilometers as possible over a one month period. Out of hundreds of thousands of cyclists around the world, Seth measured in at 7th and Jon finished 2nd with over 4050 kilometers. These guys definitely enjoy riding bicycles!



 CicLAvia Downtown Los Angeles California cycling event and Civic Center Criterium with racers Jon Budinoff, Aram Dellalian, and Evan Stade. Featuring BRANDT-SORENSON™ Luxury Bib Shorts Black with the Scout Hi-Vis Jersey. Congratulations to these athletes in forming the winning breakaway and maintaining Evan Stade's lead in the three race Downtown Los Angeles series!

Photo: © Nick Brandt-Sorenson

Presenting the 2011 limited edition community service clothing project BRANDT-SORENSON for Wolfpack Hustle. Wolfpack Hustle is the name for a local monday night group ride here in Los Angeles, it meets at ten o'clock monday evenings at Tang's Donut. Its an opportunity for cyclists of all abilities to tackle the streets of Los Angeles together at night.  Photos: Brandt-Sorenson  

Congratulations to 2013 Wolfpack Hustle Marathon Crash Race Winner Evan Stade! 

Wolfpack A riders:

Jon Budinoff: Luxury Bib Shorts Black, Prep Club Jersey

Aram Dellalian: LTD community service clothing project BRANDT-SORENSON for WPH

Evan Stade: Luxury Bib Shorts Black, Classic Stripe Jersey

JTR: Luxury BIb Shorts Black, CA State Championship Fleece Long Sleeve

Fabian Vasquez: LTD community service clothing project BRANDT-SORENSON for WPH


 BRANDT-SORENSON Rides Hallandsåsen Sweden. With cyclist Lars Brandt Nielsen and photographer Jesper Grundahl.

 Tour of California, With Danish Pro Cyclist Michael Smith Larsen.  Photos by Steven Nereo

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