Who made your clothes and where did they come from?

BRANDT-SORENSON made-to-measure is proud to offer world-class sustainability for athletes. Every garment is made-to-measure in our Los Angeles atelier and shipped directly to the athlete. Our apparel model eliminates excessive sizing production and global shipping steps between supply chains.


We verify that absolutely zero forced labor, human trafficking or indentured servitude occurs in the construction of our clothing.

Zero. It is estimated that 95% of apparel workers live in poverty and the industry is one of the largest polluters, globally. Forced labor, human trafficking, and indentured servitude is a reality in most global supply chains.


BRANDT-SORENSON is a tiny boutique brand, and we believe that our made-to-measure model is the future of a global sustainable apparel industry.

Standardized sizing is a myth of industrial manufacturing. It seeks to average fit to the lowest common denominator into five sizing blocks wearable by the most amount of people, yet fitting no one person. Look around, do you see only five shapes of people? Poor fit is the backbone of the throwaway fast fashion culture, made acceptable by low costs, perpetual clearance sales from fake retail pricing, and endless shipping exchanges. BRANDT-SORENSON is leading a new path forward.


We use the following types of fabrics: 

Milled in the USA, recycled remnants and mill seconds, virgin polyester and nylon fibers, natural fibers such as viscose, rayon of bamboo, wool, cashmere and organic cotton. We purchase locally whenever possible, and avoid recycled polyester as it removes plastic bottles from the circular economy.

(Fabric cannot yet be recycled at scale and recycled polyester does not remove plastic from our oceans.)


Fit, quality, and durability are the key components of a sustainable garment.

A single, well-made piece can take the place of a dozen fast fashion garments, which often are discarded prematurely into landfills. The greatest social and environmental impact BRANDT-SORENSON can make through quality. There are no magic sewing robots, and clothing is labor intensive. The Chronicle of Philanthropy reports that fast fashion generates 15 Great Pyramid sized mounds of clothing trash for landfills and oceans yearly. Americans on average discard approximately 80 lbs. of clothing into landfills prematurely each year due to poor fit, quality or changing trends.


BRANDT-SORENSON is proud to support the following non-profit organizations: