About Us

BRANDT-SORENSON made-to-measure offers boutique technical clothing from our atelier in downtown Los Angeles, California. The focus is on quality and functionality over ease of production or cost. Our garments are about precision ergonomic fit. The contrast block designs are created for visibility. Our color palette communicates the class and prestige of the modern athlete. Most athletic gear is brightly printed for visibility yet muddles into disruptive camouflage to the motorist’s and pedestrian’s eyes. Our clothing is purposed to enhance the athlete's experience and performance. Our patterns and textiles are the results of years of refinement. Once you pedal in a pair of our Bib Shorts, there is no turning back. Our Run Shorts have a smooth liner, perfectly balanced pockets and a style unmatched by bulk production. We offer made-to-measure garments to the athlete’s unique dimensions. Athletes can also find their exact match on our chart or submit measurements. During endurance activities, the fit is everything.

Cecilia Brandt is the co-owner of BRANDT-SORENSON. With her focus on fashion since childhood, she became an F.I.D.M (the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles) alumna and has since attained extensive knowledge in the business of fashion. She is an avid runner, dancer, and fitness enthusiast. Raised transcontinentally, as a multicultural 1st generation American, she communicates the BRANDT-SORENSON brand identity to a global market. Cecilia manages an incredible group of clients who place a high value on their time and invest in quality contemporary MTM sportswear. Since 2011 she has challenged off-the-rack industry and bootstrapped an MTM apparel model into an authentic sportswear brand that is recognized around the world. 

Nicholas Brandt-Sorenson  designs, cuts, and sews the BRANDT-SORENSON clothing. Raised in the rural Pacific Northwest, he began competing athletically and sewing at the age of 10 through the 4-H program (beginning with a pair of fluorescent green skateboarding shorts). He was awarded a Ford Family Foundation Scholarship and earned a Bachelor of Science in Applied Arts and a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon. Nicholas started racing road bicycles in Oregon, winning his first category 5 races and collegiate road races by landslides. He stopped racing 14 years later after competing against some of the world's top professional cyclists. He is a multi-time California State Criterium Champion, was briefly ranked as a top cyclist in the USA and won the first unsanctioned street criterium series in downtown Los Angeles. Since 2007, Nicholas has been handcrafting boutique made-to-measure sportswear for a client list that spans the world.