Sizing & FAQ

BRANDT-SORENSON is made-to-measure for the ideal ergonomic fit according to an athlete’s build. The cut is form-fitting while allowing for comfortable breathing in the chest and upper abdomen. Many athletes find that they do not fit precisely within a manufacturer’s size chart, such as the lean climber, muscle-bound rider, or tall cyclist. Our tailored clothing fits perfectly and is more comfortable, durable, and stylish when compared to off-the-rack pieces.


To order a custom-made garment, select the 'custom' option in the drop-down menu when adding a product to your cart and send your measurements to

The diagrams below show how men and women can take their measurements using a flexible tape measure. BRANDT-SORENSON customers must submit their measurements when ordering.


Use a flexible measuring tape flat against bare skin. Do not measure over clothing. The diagrams show where to take the required measurements. Be accurate and do not rely on jeans or other clothing sizes for your numbers.

NECK: Around the neck under the Adam's Apple.
COLLAR: Around the collar line at trachea.
CHEST: Around the largest part of the chest.
BICEP: Keep the arm straight and un-flexed.
WAIST: Around the navel with a relaxed stomach. This is bigger than the low waist.
HIP: Widest part around the hip flexors and gluteus.
INSEAM: Straight from groin to the ground, alongside the inner leg.



NECK: Around the neck.
BICEP: Keep the arm straight and un-flexed.
BUST: Around the full bust.
UNDERBUST: Under the bust, around sports bra elastic line.
WAIST: Around the narrowest part of the high waist.
NAVEL: Around the low waist at the navel.
HIP: Around the widest part of the hip.
THIGH: Around the uppermost thigh.
LOW THIGH: Around leg at short line.
INSEAM: Straight from groin to the ground, alongside the inner leg.


Average lead time is 4-6 weeks, 8-16 weeks during peak season or pandemic.

Each BRANDT-SORENSON product is made with care and attention. Orders are filled according to the purchase date. If you need your order by a specific date, please let us know so we can give you the current lead time prior to ordering.



- I am too busy to measure, can I just guess and then exchange for another size? 

No. Using a flexible measuring tape is easy. Or visit your local tailor. 


- What's the difference between stretch-to-fit and made-to-measure? 

Stretch-to-fit requires high spandex content fabrics (up to 50%) and does not adjust for length. Made-to-measure utilizes appropriate fabric blends for correct compression, stretch range, length, and girth. Made-to-measure offers greater wear longevity and a proper distinct fit.


 -Does 'made-to-measure athletic sportswear' just mean 'higher price point'?

We make bespoke and made-to-measure cycling attire in Los Angeles, California. Less than 3% of the world's clothing is bespoke or made-to-measure. Most apparel is off-the-rack bulk factory production with averaged sizing (this includes custom printed cycling kits).


- Your prices are premium is there a 'secret' discount code? 

No. The prices are competitive for bespoke and made-to-measure garments from Los Angeles, California. These are the actual prices to make the clothing. We cannot offer clearance discount codes. 


- How long will it take? 

4-16 weeks lead time, let us know if you have a hard date. Orders are queued based on purchase date. Lead times may vary during peak season, pandemics or natural disasters. 


- Can I cancel my order or get free express processing? 

No cancellations or refunds. Orders are queued based on purchase date. We have limited express guaranteed 4 week lead times available for a 20% fee.


- After ordering, another brand sent me an ad for a knock off version on clearance sale. The online picture looks similar, so can I cancel my order? 

No. BRANDT-SORENSON is heavily imitated. We cannot offer cancellations. Each piece is designer made-to-measure clothing from our Los Angeles workshop and is 100% verified for zero forced labor or modern day slavery for over a decade.


- Can you match the price of the imitation versions of BRANDT-SORENSON clothing that I saw on Instagram? 

No. Our price represents a sustainable salary for design, cutting and sewing the made-to-measure clothing. We are not beneficiaries of unpaid labor, design theft, venture capital or greenwashing.



- Can I stop by and try something on? 

No. Our workshop is private. This protects our intellectual property and keeps our made-to-measure pricing competitive with off-the-rack bulk production. 


- Can you print our bicycle club name (instead of your trademark) on the clothing? 



- If I submit measurements or find my match on your chart, will it fit? 

Yes. We stand by our workmanship. 


Have any more questions? Contact us at