Merino Dual Layer Bib Shorts

Presenting our Merino Dual Layer Bib Shorts. Pure merino wool against the skin for thermoregulation and skin microbiome health. Hand built with a thick open knit leg specific textile for both cool and warm weather.

The textile has an abrasion resistant micro-nylon face with an inner pure merino wool yarn layer that wicks moisture in hot weather and traps air in cool weather. The bibs are constructed using a performance 4-way stretch spandex blend on the outer face layer to retain compression and shape. The bib straps are a thin nylon mesh, with hand placed fold over elastic graded to your measurements for ideal compression.

Featuring the worlds finest EIT Chamois, hand placed into the bibs. Ergonomic panel design for compression. The reflective tabs are positioned on crucial movement points. Each panel is curved to muscle contours for the maximum stretch during cycling motion. Crotch panel designed to eliminate inseam and chaffing. Chamois is hand stitched and pre-stretched into precise position. The unique BRANDT-SORENSON leg bands are handcrafted with a laminated silicon strip, this helps to boost leg circulation by eliminating a constricting elastic band. The most form-fitting luxury bib short on the market.

The BRANDT-SORENSON pure merino wool next-to-skin fabric back offers comfort unmatched by synthetic fibers. Merino wool can absorb up to 40% of its weight in water vapor, which reduces sweat condensation for maximum thermoregulation in all conditions. Merino wool fibers prevent bacterial growth by trapping odor molecules. Both nylon and merino fibers support skin microbiome wellness, offering superior performance over lower cost recycled polyester fabrics.

* 11 panels / 4 textiles

* Pure Merino Wool, Capillary Inner Knit Wicking Textile

* 53% Nylon/ 25% Spandex/ 22% Wool

* Wicking mesh straps

* EIT Chamois

* Handcrafted in the USA


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