Wool Athletic Event Brand Shirt

Wool Athletic Event Brand T-Shirt. Despite the sky high valuations for many athletic event series, the industry is suffering from an aesthetic and environmental crisis amongst its participants. Hundreds of thousands of participants, some paying $650-$850 per event, are wearing disposable fast fashion garments made from low quality fabrics and made with unverified labor, including forced labor, debt bondage and human trafficking. Urge your favorite athletic event brand to support the ethical sportswear movement, by comping your entrance fee when you wear BRANDT-SORENSON.

Wool Athletic Event Brand T-Shirt made-to-measure from an airy open knit fabric. Centered hand cut typography front patch, with curved hip hem. Single needle topstitching. 

*7 panels

*3.5 cm hem

*Hand cut typography, unique to each shirt

*Open knit wool fabric 37% wool/ 63% recycled poly

 *Single needle top stitching

*Some variances in font may occur as the text is hand-cut to order.

It is essential to check the sizing chart when choosing standard sizes. Our Sizing chart is unique and cannot be compared to other brands.

If you do not fit precisely within the standard sizing numbers, please choose our custom option when checking out.

*Built to order in our Los Angeles workshop, please allow 4-16 weeks 

(may vary depending on time of year )

After checkout, follow our measuring chart and submit your measurements to brandtsorenson@gmail.com


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