BRANDT-SORENSON Cycling Apparel Swiss Black Bibs

This is the ultimate design for our 2013 Swiss Black Bib Cycling Short, which uses one of the finest textiles in the world from Switzerland.  The value of the Swiss Black Bib Cycling Short, lies in the shorts comfort, performance and longevity. Cutting edge knitting technology is used to make a double thickness fabric (over standard cycling short Lycra) with a dual layer patented Flash dry design. The inner layer is soft silver wicking blend, and the outer layer is black roughly textured for greater surface area evaporation and aerodynamics. The textile is treated with patented Coldblack technology that deflects UV rays for even temperature regulation and greater fabric longevity. The pattern is 5 years in the making, with complex ergonomic curves and directional stretch panelling that eliminates an inseam. The chamois is pre-stretched into position by hand, and single needle zig-zag stitched for maximum comfort. There is a thinner high elasticity panel along back at the key pedal stroke movement point.  The unique BRANDT-SORENSON leg bands are hand crafted with a laminated silicon strip. This helps to boost leg circulation by eliminating a constricting elastic band for faster warm-ups and greater comfort during high intensity intervals and long rides.

* 13 panels / 6 textiles

* Hand crafted in the USA

*All black bands or traditional left white leg band, right black.

*Stretch reflective tabs from Japan. 

*EIT Chamois from Italy.

*Coldblack™ laboratory proven technology for temperature regulation and fabric longevity.


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