Prep Club: USA 2014


Prep Club USA

Who sewed your cycling attire? Half a decade ago we created our classic Prep Club Jersey with a distinct three panel block, designed to the athletes's unique shape and made to order in our Los Angeles atelier. Every elite athlete knows that a phenomenal athletic performance depends upon a solid foundation of: clean air, clean water, healthy food, and quality sleep. Within the USA, 99% of our clothing is imported, while globally the apparel industry is the 2nd largest polluter.  95% of workers in the apparel industry live in poverty. Human trafficking and indentured servitude is a major issue in supply chains within every country (including the USA). In an era of trendy, cheap, and fast fashion, consumers buy too many clothes and pay too little for them. Americans prematurely discard 80 pounds of clothing per person annually into landfills.  BRANDT-SORENSON is proud to offer our new USA colorway, made-to-measure in Los Angeles, using USA sourced textiles and shipped directly to the wearer. Our classic design is intended to fit correctly and be utilized for the entire lifespan of the garment. The price reflects our actual cost to sew the made-to-measure jersey from start to finish in our Los Angeles atelier using the highest quality dyed textiles.

Jersey features:

*Oval knit textile from dyed yarns, USA colorway

*90% polyester/ 10% Lycra

*Four textiles

*Reinforced rear pocket to prevent sagging

*Mesh pocket vent

*Full YKK zipper, two rear reflective tabs

*Form-fitting cut with classic stripe design for visibility

 *Made-to-measure in Los Angeles, CA, USA


It is important to check the sizing chart when choosing standard sizes. Our Sizing chart is unique and cannot be compared to other brands.

If you do not fit exactly within the standard sizing numbers, please choose our custom option when checking out.

All garments are Made-to-Order/ Made-to-Measure in Los Angeles, California USA 3-4 week lead time.