Monochrome Objective Cuttings Bib Shorts

Monochrome Objective Cuttings Bib Cycling Shorts: Graphic design and sublimation printing is eliminated with this objective approach to constructing cycling bibs from a monochrome selection of our cutting table scraps. Scrap pieces are assembled objectively by size, tone and function, rather than by design aesthetic. The pattern block is fragmented based on scrap size. Each garment is a unique made-to-measure assemblage of BRANDT-SORENSON high performance textiles. No two bibs will be the same!

Choose one of the following monochrome options:

Black, Gray, Brown or Orange.

Cutting table scraps are the largest source of waste in the apparel industry. MIT estimates that enough scrap trim is generated yearly to cover the country of Estonia. With a standard printed cycling kit, 10-20% of the fabric goes to waste, along with a full sheet of sublimation paper.  Polyester cycling kits are a type of plastic that takes 20-200 years to degrade.

The Objective Cuttings Bib Cycling Shorts may be the world's most sustainable cycling garment, and it is 100% Fair Trade verified. For over a decade, every BRANDT-SORENSON garment is made with 100% verified labor. Lead the peloton with our revolutionary new approach to technical sportswear. 

*21 panels/ 12 textiles

*Monochrome options: Black, Gray, Brown, Orange

*Monochorome Textiles: various cutting table scraps

*Hand shaped pad with rear liner

*Silicon grip leg band

*Inseam free design

*100% Verified Labor


It is essential to check the sizing chart when choosing standard sizes. Our sizing chart is unique and cannot be compared to other brands.

If you do not fit precisely within the standard sizing numbers, please choose our custom option when checking out.

All garments are made-to-order/ Made-to-Measure in Los Angeles, California USA 8-16 week lead time.

(Pictured are example bib shorts)

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