Luxury Bib Shorts: Navy

Made to measure with a wicking nylon and high durability elastane textile. Ergonomic panel design for medium level compression. The reflective tabs on crucial movement points. Each panel is curved to muscle contours for the optimum stretch during cycling motion. Crotch panel designed to eliminate inseam and chaffing. Mesh back aids in temperature regulation, and the straps are made from a wicking mesh. Chamois is hand stitched and pre-stretched into precise position. A silicone grip is created beneath each band, to help keep it in place, it helps to boost leg comfort by eliminating a constricting elastic band or non-breathable silicon impregnated fabric. The rear panel is designed for sweat management and longevity.

* 13 panels / 4 textiles

* Nylon 74% / high clo elastane 26%

* Wicking/ breathable fabric

* Wicking mesh straps

* EIT Chamois

* Made in our Los Angeles atelier

* Graded for correct fabric stretch range

* 100% verified for zero modern day slavery or human trafficking


It is essential to check the sizing chart when choosing standard sizes. Our Sizing chart is unique and cannot be compared to other brands.

If you do not fit precisely within the standard sizing numbers, please choose our custom option when checking out.


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