DWR Puff Mask

Durable Water Repellant Puff Mask. Full face articulated fit with DWR Cordura face and outer ultralight puff gasket. Lined with a 3/4" thicket of continuous filament insulation developed for US Special Forces called Climashield Apex. Wicking mesh inner face liner. Soft straps with adjustable toggle. Straps lay comfortably below and above the ear. Puff mask is articulated to fit trim around the nose, chin and cheeks, yet the liner is hand shapped to lay away from the nose and mouth. Rapid drying. Ultralight. Insulates in both hot and cold weather.  Hand spot clean after each use.

Not intended for extended wear or for high exertion activities. 

Alert: Misbranded N95 liner masks: please be aware of the misbranding of removable filter liner masks as genuine NIOSH approved N95 masks. Some masks on the market are misleading consumers by suggesting that adding a filter in a pocket works as effectively as a genuine N95 mask. In fact, these filter pocket masks may actually be inferior to standard cloth coverings. Consumers are misled into believing that air will flow through the filter, while in reality, these filters create high air resistance, forcing air to flow freely through open gaps in the mask, rather than thru the particulate filter as advertised. Genuine N95 mask function by structuring a molded cup shape tightly onto the face in a rigid manner, with a gasket valve on the front allowing exhaled air to flow freely out, then sealing on inhalation, forcing air through a compressed filament thicket style filter. Think about it, you can lay plastic bubble wrap against your face and still breath, but that does not mean air is flowing through the bubble wrap, just around it.

*10 panesl/ 3 textiles

*Durable Water Repellant Cordura

*Climashield Apex fill

*Wicking poly inner face

*Soft scuba straps with toggle

*Do not store compressed

*Hand shaped with single needle topstitch

*Made in Los Angeles USA materials.

All items are Made-to-Order/ Made-to-Measure in Los Angeles, California 

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