California Arm & Leg Warmers

The California Arm & Leg Warmers are made for an array of conditions within a single ride. Designed with our unique Taupe fabric in a way which eliminates bulky elastic and zippers (unique only to BRANDT-SORENSON). Perfect for the 7º C/ 45ºF dawn ride that heads into full sun. Ideal for the 21ºC/ 70ºF climb from downtown Los Angeles to the frozen snow patches on the Mt. Wilson Connector Road. Unlike fleece, our Taupe fabric functions in both cold and warm conditions. The thick wicking knit provides protection from wind, cold, sun and sweat. The Taupe color offers even temperature regulation through sun and shade. Rapid drying. Made to order and made to measure in Los Angeles, California.

*Taupe knit textile for varied conditions.

*Black Polartec fabric

*Ergonomic left & right leg specific.

*Zipper and elastic-free design.


*Convenient for All-Season rides.

*Reflective tabs at key movement points.

*3-6 week lead time, made in the USA 

(may vary depending on time of year )


Note: currently available only in Black Polartec compressible fabric.

Please email all custom order measurements to the following address after purchase:


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