The USADADA™ Puff MoneyBag is calibrated to hold one million US dollars in one hundred dollar bills. Fully insulated for a powerful warmth to weight ratio against the body, using materials developed for US Special Forces. Two-way zipper top, inner pocket. Hand cut and hand stitched USADADA™ typography in orange on one side, plain stitching on the other.

Choose between ultralight ripstop (delicate) or rugged Dyneema. Dyneema® Composite Fabric (formerly Cuben Fiber), is a patented, high-end laminate fabric constructed from non-woven composites utilizing space-age DSM Dyneema fibers. Dyneema® offers an unmatched strength to weight ratio, is 15x stronger than steel.

*15 panels/ 3 textiles

*100%  Ripstop Ultralight or Dyneema

*Hand cut typography

*Hand stitched typography

*Climashield Apex insulation USA

*Do not store compressed

*Made in Los Angeles USA of domestic and imported materials.

All items are Made-to-Order in Los Angeles, California USA 4-10 week lead time.

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