High Waisted Cycling Trouser

High Waisted Cycling Half Trouser in rib knit textured fabric with duotone red and silver colorway. Lofted open knit textile. Excellent all weather performance. Inner liner for longevity, single sewn logo. Compression high waistline with soft cross over suspender straps. Waistline is above navel around ribcage. Silicon grip cuff ends. Hand shaped 3 layer pad with wool interface.

* 9 panels / 3 textiles

* Nylon 80% / elastane 20%

* Red rib knit breathable fabric

* Inner lining, soft straps

* Genitalia specific hand shaped chamois pad and liner.

* Made in our Los Angeles atelier

* Graded for correct fabric stretch range

* 100% verified for zero modern day slavery or human trafficking

It is essential to check the sizing chart when choosing standard sizes. Our Sizing chart is unique and cannot be compared to other brands.

If you do not fit precisely within the standard sizing numbers, please choose our custom option when checking out.


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